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also filed under not discussing my humanity

also filed under: not discussing my humanity:

I peeked at my dash on my phone and saw an argument (one of many I’ve seen)

regarding biology, gender, etc.

Just a general PSA re: me

This is on my list of “I will never, ever engage any single person who

comes at me with ‘ur a xy male’ ‘ur hormonez are p,q,r’”


A world of no, even.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that my humanity is not up for


This is neatly filed under that this.

Because I don’t give a fuck about what western/white biology has to say re:

my genderessence.

Don’t care. Will never care. Won’t debate it. Won’t engage. Won’t entertain

any discussion.

Me and mine existed before white people knew the benefits of soap. Before

they came up on our shores and tried (but failed) to stamp us out. Before

the microscope. When white people still believed that body humours =

biology. Before the human genome was mapped and companies started patenting

human life.

Existed before. Still exist. Will continue to exist.

as *distinct*

From anything biology, or any white science, has to say about anything.

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