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I want to make clear that I own the things I’ve done on tumblr – and in the rest of my life.

Not going to say anything about some of the tumblr blowouts i’ve been involved with because almost every single time?

i would still do something similar.

why? because most of the callouts have been related to anti-Black Asians. Or related to things like light skin or white passing privilege.

I don’t regret my involvement with these. Anti-Blackness in Asians communities is a real thing. So is the incredibly shitty behaviour that i’ve seen us with light skin.

there are a few times, while doing this, that i did something deplorable. but. that is on me.

and i’m not particularly interested in the people who’ll condemn Riley for how they call things out (and, as is being said, bully other people into doing the same), but don’t give even a single line to the other person and what they were doing.

again, see eastafrodite.

because finding fault with only one part of that conflict, is to excuse the other

person x being abusive does not cancel out person y being oppressive 1