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accountability post

Part of the way that my brain works is that I really sift through a lot of information until something strikes me and I’ll write something up about it. I try to do my best to credit whomever inspired it. (Like how I did with Riley and my post about in/visibility.)

Sometimes I fail to credit the people I should. Sometimes they notice and call me out (one example clearly stands out to me). This is as it should be.

Please. I’m begging you. Especially if you know that I follow you (or even if you don’t). If I ever post anything that seems similar or related to something you’ve posted and think you deserve credit for. I am happy to do so.

In a general sense… I’m hoping when this class finishes and I’m done this degree that I can finally put some time into writing up something to/about the various people who have inspired me and how they’ve influenced how I approach or think about things. Because I want to acknowledge those people who’ve helped transform my life and whose writings/thoughts/perspectives have so impacted my life.

In the meantime. Please let me know if you see something of yours in my writing and want credit. And I’m not talking academic citations or whatever. This isn’t university. I want to credit people also for how they’ve inspired me.