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a truly ignored alpha

now that i’m caught up with teen wolf

i’m having so many thoughts about Scott being a true alpha. about him ascending to that power by virtue of his character alone.

i also continue to track the teen wolf tag on ao3. and. despite a much welcomed increase of fic on danny (with the aggressively ugly twin, but whatever) and some increase in Scott/Isaac, the fandom continues to be largely dominated by sterek. which okay, i like sterek so fine.

but as i’m reading these newly posted sterek stories almost all of which are necessarily au

i notice that certain patterns remain in the fandom characterisations. Scott continues to be portrayed as a selfish, stupid, ‘potato’ who is earnest but not very effective.

stiles (usually stiles) ends up saving the day or whatever in most of the stories (sometimes it is derek, but usually with the help of stiles). but in order for this to happen fic writers are uncreative enough to make it happen without tearing Scott down (i’ve said this before so I won’t belabour the point).

what i find truly curious is a almost dearth of interest in really exploring what Scott becoming a true alpha would mean for the dynamics of the teen wolf universe. Because he isn’t part of derek’s pack (not officially even though their relationship is far less antagonistic than fandom would have you believe). is stile’s still a part of his pack? who knows?

and it is interesting since lots of fics explore the notion that derek was never meant to be alpha, that he is a bad alpha, that it isn’t something he necessarily likes.

it could make for an interesting story to have Scott ascend and derek gladly accept him as his alpha – to free himself of the burden of leadership, and, if this floats your goat, get a little sterek romance in.

but most sterek fans (who sadly produce like 90% of the fic) have zero interest in this. rather just be racist.