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a response to an ask about psychology

Research psychology could possibly be reformed if they actually started doing research correctly. It usually fails at a science because they do tests whose results can rarely be replicated, the sample sizes are always too small (and the consequent generalizations too broad), they rely too much on statistical methods to derive truth, it is grounded in a philosophy of mind that is both wrong and entirely racist, it rarely takes into account diversity, etc. 

These are only the problems I’ve quickly jotted off the top of my head. There are more problems. Part of the other problem, not inherent to psychology specifically, is the inability to remember how science is actually suppost to work and the ontological status of its truths. 

Above all, until it, and the rest of western academia, goes through a process of fundamental decolonization, it will only ever consider the production of knowledge as worthwhile so long as it can be commodified and sold. Within such a system all disciplines, not only psychology, will hard pressed to offer anything of real value to all humans.