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Exporting the metadata of a range of handles in Dspace

This is for Andromeda!

(I will come back and edit after I post this to describe stuff a bit more)

``` sh export-dspace-metadata.sh #!/bin/bash

#this script can be placed in whatever directory is needed cd /dspace/bin

#this is an interactive part to ask for the first and last handles of the series. echo “First handle in series :” read first echo “Last handle in series :” read last

#a loop to iterate over every handle in the series and export the metadata for each handle to a csv file with the handle as name for (( i = $first ; i <= $last ; i++ )) do ./dspace metadata-export -f /dspace/upload/dspacescripts/$i.csv -i 10315/$i done

#this gets the desired name of the final .csv file produced by the export echo “Name of new file :” read filename

#this is the directory we use to host our dspace scripts. cd /dspace/upload/dspacescripts

#this concantenates all of the csv files produced above (there is one per handle) into a single csv file with your chosen name for (( i = $first ; i <= $last ; i++ )) do awk ‘NR!=1’ $i.csv » $filename.csv done ```