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Putting my Money where my Mouth is

I’m going to borrow a page from this book. I recently submitted

that article I’ve been working on (ie, the rewrite of “The Tyranny

of Open”) to the Progressive Librarian. It got bounced back right

away ‘cause, well, I missed out on a few of the submission

requirements (a few citations out of place ‘cause I tried to do

use APA, even though I’m more comfortable with CMOS, and a missing

abstract… all totally my fault for not reading the submission

guidelines carefully enough).

Now, I don’t care so much about the rejection or being told to

re-submit. I’ll be the first to own up to the fact that since it

has been a while since I’ve written an academic paper, I’m out of

practise (which is important for me because I’ve always been a bad

writter, I can see in this paper more than a few of my old

weaknesses showing through, but the problem is that, this time, I

don’t have sufficient motivation to edit it the usual 9-10 it

takes for my papers to be readable). And I remember looking at the

Blue Monday submission requirements and it seems like more work

than it is worth ensuring that the format is just right. It is

an interesting thing, looking at the publishing racket from this

angle. Allegedly journal publishing is all about that peer review

ensuring the ‘worthiness’ or ‘value’ of your ideas. But forget an

abstract and you’ll get terse-bordering-on-rude replies about

submission guidelines.

The thing is… I’ve never been insecure about the value and worth

of my ideas. I have good ones. I was (and am) a good scholar. I

was never (and will never be) a good writer. I made my peace with

this a long time ago. One of the things I like about blogging and

all that is that a more informal style and not writing well

doesn’t have disasterous consequences. I also really really like

the fact that I can simply link to sources rather than

dogmatically following a citation style guide.

So. I’ll focus on my blogging. And when I have something I like

enough to expand on and research with greater depth, like the

Tyranny paper, I’ll write up the article and self-submit to my

instition’s repository.

In another sense… this is also me putting my money where my

mouth is. I don’t really believe in the current academic

publishing infrastructure1. So. This is what I’ll be doing.

On that note, I’m happy to announce that the [Tyranny of

Open](http://yorkspace.library.yorku.ca/xmlui/handle/10315/26315) is available in YorkU’s repository. Enjoy!