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why does becoming require so much money???

why does becoming require so much money???


I want money to change my name, get more gender appropriate clothes, for my tattoos.

blerg. i think everything is going to take longer than i planned. because of unexpected expenses (i totally didn’t plan on starting a business… which has sort of been eating up all my extra money).

just have to prioritize, i guess.

i’ve got all my hair removal paid for. so i’m good on that front, since i don’t think i’ll be doing anymore areas.

i don’t want to touch the money i have set aside for my coming of age tattoos.

i’m really glad that growing hair doesn’t cost money (although… i guess i’m going to need to get a haircut at some point…)

ugh. and i’m going to have to shell out $200 at some point this summer for another year of my allergy shots (based on how this spring has gone, it actually saves me money on anti-histamines, since my allergies have been pretty manageable.).

i know, deep down inside, that i should look for a second job. i just really really want to put my time/energy into biyuti publishing because that is about 5000x more satisfying to work on.

le sigh.

i find it incredibly annoying that, after spending so much time with my head up my ass, i’m ready to be me, but have to wait wait wait because of money.