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that selective chopping of bell hooks essay is

That selective chopping of bell hooks’ essay is interesting to me…

interesting in the sense that it is another continuation of a pattern where in non-Black poc attempt to silence discourse on anti-Blackness, via calls for ‘solidarity’ and whatever the fuck.

(see also, every fucking time non-Black people bring up Audre Lorde and her comment about the hierarchy of oppression)

there is something so viciously anti-Black about using the words of Black thinkers to justify your anti-Blackness.

More to the point:

it points to this ridiculous myth of merit and who should be listened to

it isn’t like whipping out an Audre Lorde or bell hooks quote somehow changes the anti-Blackness is non-Black communities or excuses whatever anti-Black thing that a non-Black person just did.

nor does it over-ride any Black person who wishes to engage in discourse on anti-Blackness, since, as oft-mentioned, Black people are not a monolith and we’d do well to remember this and act accordingly.