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based on what has been happening an accountability

I’m usually pretty light on details about myself (preferring my actions to speak for themselves). But I’ve gained quite a few followers and I think that it is important that people know a little bit about who I am and where I come from.

  1. I’m Filipin@. This is based on the culture I was raised with because I’m also mixed and very light-skinned (with a few instances of passing as white). I reblog a lot without commenting because I tend to feel that in many conversations about race it is my place to listen and provide what background support I can.

  2. I’m bakla. My configuration of this, since it is somewhat of an umbrella term, is that I’m trans feminine, but don’t ID as either a man or a woman, and I’m attracted (mostly) to men. For now I’m using they, them, their pronouns. (those who’ve been following for a while know I’m still working all of this out).

  3. I’m here to socialize and make friends. While I am in school, I’m doing my second master’s right now in a professional, not a research, program. I’m also not an activist of any kind.

I’m fairly certain these are the most salient points…

Oh. And I’m a mod on stfuantiblackpoc.