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Consent, Copyright, and Content Policy

Statement on copyright: All original content on this site is copyrighted by b. binaohan. Yes, I reserve all rights. There is no CC license or any other such thing here. Behave accordingly.

Content Policy:

  • Anything within the usual conventions of dealing with a copyrighted work is fine. In case anyone doesn’t know what this means…
  • Online: All direct quotations and paraphrasing should have a link back to the original post on this blog.
  • Offline: All direct quotations and paraphrasing should follow some standard citation convention (MLA, APA, whatever).
  • Beyond the above, this also means that nothing on this blog can be reposted or reprinted in its entirety anywhere without my express permission. You know, how copyright works in most jurisdictions.
  • Academics (professors, instructors, any other paid position) are strongly encourage to pay for my writing. Please support an unaffiliated, independent philosopher.


  • Name to use: b. binaohan (binaohan, b.). All lower case. Or for the less formal: Mx. b. :P
  • What I am: philosopher. In referring to me in your writing, please use this occupational descriptor if you must use one at all. Not ‘writer, author, blogger, gender theorist, etc’. Just: philosopher.
  • My ‘identity’: while my bio says ‘transpinay ladyboy’ since ‘ladyboy’ is a racialized and transmisogynist slur that I’m reclaiming, it is probably best to leave it out. So… ‘transpinay’ or ‘trans pinay’. That’s it. Not ‘trans woman, trans woman of colour, twoc, trans feminine, etc’.


As a philosopher, I fully expect that many of my ideas and writing will be engaged by a wider community. So long as this follow the usual conventions (see copyright and content policy), there is no problem. However, I do not consent to being used as human subject in the research projects of academics, journalist, or any other person. As such, any post tagged ‘the life of an ordinary bakla’.