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the life of an ordinary bakla

I honestly don’t even really know what to say about myself anymore. What is there even to say?

I’ve been known by a few different names on the internet thus far, here’s a list of a few of my handles:

  • satifice
  • biyuti
  • b. binaohan
  • nina de jesus
  • nina malaya

Most people who know me (or know of me) will know me by one of these. Each has varying levels of notoriety attached to them. Amusingly, the fact that I worked so hard to keep myself obscure now kind of works against me (twitter doesn’t think I’m worthy of being verified, lol). I think people also get confused as to whether or not I’m me.

I used to be pretty adamant about keeping my sjw self distinct from my professional self, sensing (quite rightly) that my political views would not endear me to my colleagues. Of course, because I’m me, I decided to start a professional blog anyway where I would hopefully tread the line carefully between presenting more mild, sanitized versions of my ideas to my colleagues. Something that exploded in my face in the form of a lawsuit. In the ensuing harassment and doxxing, there was no point in keeping my personal distinct from my professional (well, that cat was out of that bag anyway).

So here I am. An ordinary bakla living a quite unremarkable life.

I hope all the drama of those past years is well, past me. And that I can live on in my dotage in peace.

Of course, the fact that this blog still exists will posts stretching back to 2011 is a clear sign that, no, I will not be peaceful in my dotage. I might be an unemployable degenerate ladyboy who is too disabled to function these days, but gosh darn it, I still can’t seem to shut the fuck up.

This is me: not shutting the fuck up.